Alpaca Day

A number of the people we support attended a day out walking Alpacas in Northumberland.

Everyone had a brilliant time and it was a great way for everyone to spend time together with the Alpacas and other animals.


The Quality Checkers is a team of people with learning disabilities and their supporters. 

We have invited them to check to see that our support services are helping people who have a learning disability to lead happy and healthy lives.

We have asked them to check what our clients think about the support they receive. 

We want to find out:

·          What is working well

·          What is not so good

·          How the service can be better?

They will then come to our Quality Day on 23rd Of November and report their findings back.


Teddy, Donald, Sam and Murray will be going for a relaxing, calming walk in the beautiful countryside of Northumberland.

They will be accompanied by 7 people who are supported by Positive Support for You.

  Everyone is really looking forward to it.

We will be organising another Alpaca event in spring 2019.



Last week, Nathan had a brilliant action packed day out , he played  football golf and crazy golf at Stokesly!



Nathan golf2.jpg
Nathan SPORT.jpg

More Accessible Information

We have been working hard to improve the accessibility of information at Positive Support for You! 

We have endeavoured to make easy read  and audio documents available for all.

As part of this we have made an agreement with the charity CHANGE , to enable us to uses the  accessible documents they create.

An example is this Safeguarding easy read document!