5th Anniversary

It is coming up to five years since I left hospital. I have lived in the community for five years now supported by my staff from Positive Support for You - I am proud of this achievement. Myself and staff planned a 5th year Anniversary Barbecue to celebrate.


Over last couple of months together we have built an area for a barbecue, and I have bought a nice barbecue to go in it. I have really enjoyed being outside in the garden doing this with the staff. In the weeks leading up to the day I made posters and banners with support, and a couple of days before the event I decorated my house inside and out. I was very pleased how it looked!

I was excited when the day arrived I got a present from Positive Support for You to celebrate my anniversary. It was a gazebo which I really liked. Staff helped put it up for the barbecue for me and others to use. I like it in my Garden and will use it in the future just to relax in, and for any more parties, or barbecues.

After 1pm a lot of people had arrived and I was pleased that so many had come. it meant we cooked a lot of burgers and sausages - my new Barbecue was just the ticket.  We all took turns cooking.

It was great to have so many people there and I was really pleased some of my family could come. This included my brother Trevor and the kids. The kids enjoyed playing in the garden with outdoor games I had, archery and badminton.

It wasn’t just family and friends who came - some staff and managers from Positive Support for You did too. It was a nice surprise when Dave Barras the Chief Executive came - he had to travel a long way and it was nice to see him. Dave did a speech telling everyone how far I’ve come and that it was nice to be part of my big day. Dave shook my hand and congratulated me.

I spent the rest of the afternoon socialising and being a good host. I made sure everyone had enough to eat and drink but I made sure I got a few burgers too - they tasted lovely off the barbecue. We all listened to music, chatted, and had a laugh.