Brian's first Passport and trip to Norway

Last year Brian expressed an interest in going on a cruise abroad. This was during his Person Centered Planning process. Staff supported him to apply for his first passport. Brian needed to attend an interview at Durham Passport Office to establish his identity, which he was supported to do. This can be a stressful thing for most people and Brian was particularly resilient during the whole process.

He sailed from the Port of Tyne on a ship called the Balmoral. He said he was surprised at how big the ship was. He enjoyed the cruise and said “the food and service was immaculate”.

The boat stopped and time was spent in Bergen and Eidfjord. Brian commented on how warm it was even though there was snow on the top of the maintains. He was also amazed at how many buildings were made out of wood.

Lots of people have been interested in the trip when Brian has told them about it on his return. He is planning to go on another cruise to a different location next year.