Individual Service Fund Consultation

In the Summer of 2016 Positive Support For You CIC won a share of the “David Wandess Bursery” , which is a prize to stimulate innovation and best practice Offered by Real Life Options. We won funds to help us work with Doreen Kelly and Jill Barbour who run an organisation called “Beyond Limits” in Plymouth . They have for some years run great person centred support services for people with complex lives and use a model of Individual Service Fund Model to make sure that decisions around how money is spent is very person centred and transparent.

We were pleased to welcome Doreen and Jill up to South Shields on the 15th and 16th December 2016 and they gave us two days of great consultancy, working with our Senior Managers, Operations Managers and also Admin and Accounts colleagues.

As well as fascinating learning about the Individual Service Fund Model directly we also really enjoyed the challenge and benchmarking across from a respected Provider with similar aims and values and it it was a great way to prepare for 2017 . We came away enthused about making our services more person centred and are enthusiastic about moving towards Individual Service Funds.