Job Description Person Spec Team Leader

Positive Support for You CIC Job Description

Team Leader


Reports to:   Operations Manager

Role: To lead and manage a team to provide excellent quality and support to enable people with learning disabilities to lead full and rich lives, taking full responsibility for all aspects of people’s support.


Person/People Supported:

Enable people supported to achieve their full potential.
Shape the support provided and how it is provided to ensure the service reflects people’s wishes, using person centred planning, PSiTs reviewing system of Goals & Outcomes, and Positive Behavioural Support where required.
Ensure the service focuses on delivery of what people want through developing and managing team action plans.
Maximise the safety of people supported, staff and the community within the overall goal of supporting them to achieve positive outcomes in their lives (producing comprehensive risk assessments,
Develop and maintain Guidelines for Support, which ensure people, are well supported, when anxious or worried (including proactive and reactive strategies).
Ensure people’s primary health needs are met, including safe and proper administration of medication.
Evaluate the performance of the service against outcomes for people supported.
Provide direct support to people, role-modelling best practice.



Provide clear direction to the team setting goals and objectives reflecting what the person supported wants.
Enable staff to achieve their full potential through effective leadership and management.
Identify the individual talents and abilities of staff, and reflecting the needs of people supported, develop these through training and development.
Develop the individual staff to become a team through training, development and regular meetings.
Recruit and induct new staff in conjunction with the Operational Manager.
Provide support and supervision for all staff per the Support and Supervision Policy. Ensure PDR’s are completed annually for all staff.
Manage rotas, sickness, absence, and annual leave to provide fully for people supported and also to ensure staff can have a balanced life.
Act as a role model for staff.
Manage and direct staff in line with organisation’s Working Values
Ensure all staff comply with policies, procedures and systems.
Develop, implement and evaluate annual Team Action Plans.
Challenge poor practice and under performance, carry out and implement policies and procedures.

Finances and Administration:

Assist people supported to maximise their income.
Manage service income and expenditure, keeping full records of all income and expenditure. Support Team Leader to audit finances weekly.
Ensure people supported have maximum control over their finances.
Ensure all staff fully comply with financial and administrative procedures.
Complete a monthly review of actual expenditure against budgeted expenditure.
Ensure Operational Manager is kept up to date of any changes of hours for invoicing purposes.

Management and Organisation:

Participate in the on-call system.
Implement and work to all policies and procedures.
Promote positive relationships with those closest to people supported, and all others helping to support them.
Liaise with other professional staff involved in support.
Ensure effective communication between all parties.
Develop support plans. Activity Plans, Risk Assessments and any other documentation required.
Develop Health Action Plans and Hospital Passports alongside Team Leader.
Carry out investigation into any accidents/incidents/medication errors completing the relevant documentation and information Operation Manager.
Ensure safeguarding alerts are completed and submitted in line with policy and procedures.
Attend and represent the company at CPA’s Reviews and any other professional meetings.


Develop effective self-management with the assistance of the Service Manager.
Attend and participate in all training and development as identified to develop one’s own skills, and abilities.
Maintain a constant desire to learn and grow and be prepared to undertake NVQ 5


Person Specification


At least 2 years experience of working in a supported living environment with people with learning disabilities.
A track record of making things happen in people’s lives.


Diploma Level 5 in Health and Social Care (or equivalent) desirable.

Skills, Values and Knowledge
 Positive Value Base and Person Centred Approach - committed to ensuring that people with learning disabilities are valued and enabled to take control of their own lives.  To champion this when the going gets tough.

Leadership Skills - demonstrate the ability to set direction, lead staff, to motivate them and to ensure things get done within the context of teamwork and enabling staff. Able to develop and deliver comprehensive and detailed plans.

Listening Skills - able to actively listen to what people supported are communicating, and to design support to reflect this.

Relationship Skills - to get on well with people supported and others around them.  To be comfortable and relaxed in their presence, supporting them and involving others in the community.

 Positive Role Model - hard-working, motivated, flexible and pro-active, someone who sees what needs to be done, gets it done but can be relaxed about the pace at which some things will happen.  Communication Skills - able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with strong inter-personal skills.

Integrity - have a clear desire and commitment to working out one’s values openly and honestly.

Problem Solving Skills - demonstrate skills in understanding complex situations and difficulties, and work thoughtfully, sensitively, creatively and purposefully to solve these.

Personal Learning and Development -show a desire and openness to learn and develop evidenced through continuous training and development.  Be prepared to ask when help is needed.

Driver - a driver (desirable not essential)