Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behavioural Support

 Sue Paton - Operations Manager/PBS Practitioner

 Sue Paton - Operations Manager/PBS Practitioner

We are committed to the implementation of PBS is in order to make life better for the people we support. It is an approach based on the understanding that all behaviour happens for a reason. If we can understand why the behaviours of concern are triggered and what the person is trying to achieve, for example escaping or avoiding a situation or needing reassurance then we can respond consistently to achieve the required outcome. Helping people to be reassured and supported to learn new ways of coping and skill building is the essence of good practice.

Our named Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner (Sue Paton) completes a functional assessment which involves collecting information and analysing data. This comprises of understanding tangled histories and observing interactions in order to have a scientific approach which is not based on subjective opinion.

We strongly believe that Positive Behavioural Support is not a quick fix. Skilled support should create and maintain the right conditions so that people can achieve the quality of life that they want and deserve. Furthermore this is a whole organizational approach and we have ongoing commitment to ensure positive behavioral support is at the core of all we do for the people we support.

Sue provides staff with support and training to be able to:

  • Understand, prevent and manage behavioural incidences (proactive and reactive strategies). With the emphasis on prevention, skills and person centred planning.
  • Understand the presentation and possible meanings of challenging behaviour and the nature and rationale for possible interventions.
  • Ensure that any person referred, who presents with behaviours of concern, will have a written Behaviour Support Plan.
  • Ensure staff understand all aspects of the Behaviour Support Plan and receive ongoing guidance and support to achieve the best possible outcomes for people to lead enhanced lives.
  • Work in partnership with the person, their teams, families and professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Above all to improve the quality of life for the people we support.


You can view our PBS policy here