Safety and Wellbeing

This annual statement will be generated each year in July on an annual basis, in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice on the Prevention and Control of Infections and Related Guidance. In the wider work of Positive Support for You CIC a small proportion of our clients receive personal care and by definition this statement is focused on our work these individuals.

Positive Support for You CIC strives to be “value driven” in all we do.

We passionately believe that all people with disabilities have a rightful place as valued citizens within their community.

This should include:

• The power, authority and resources to control their own lives

• The right to be treated with respect

• The right to feel safe

• The ability to gain and maintain a tenancy of their own or to live with people of their choice

• Having the opportunity to experience meaningful and loving personal relationships

• Being able to express their own cultural and spiritual beliefs

• Having good health care

• Having access to education and employment

• Promoting Hobbies and Interests

• Being able to care and contribute as citizens in their community

Through these values we can help the people we support have really good lives.

Dave Barras Chief Executive June 2018

At positive support we know it is important to ensure our staff are well supported to enable them to provide great quality to care to the people they support We send out an anonymous survey to monitor this and make informed decisions about how to improve.




Staff Handbook

All our staff get this handbook and while it may not answer every question you have, I hope that it is helpful.

Stress Management

As part of our work to support all our staff we wanted to ensure everyone has access to this helpful booklet from “MIND” the Mental Health charity about managing stress. It’s important because we work in a potentially stressful work environment and it’s important we all look after ourselves and each other in this respect.