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About Us



Positive Support For You CIC operates throughout the North East of England.

We started supporting people in 2011, solely within the Teesside area. We were called 'Positive Support in Tees Community Interest Company'.

In 2016 our name changed to reflect the specialised and person centered support we can offer to people in the wider region.

We passionately believe that all people with disabilities have a rightful place as valued citizens within their community.

This should include;

  • The power, authority and resources to control their own lives

  • The right to be treated with respect

  • The ability to gain and maintain a tenancy of their own or with people they choose

  • Having the opportunity to experience meaningful and loving personal relationships

  • Being able to express their own cultural and spiritual beliefs

  • Having good health care

  • Access to education and employment

  • Promoting hobbies and interests

  • Being able to care and contribute to our community

Julia and Joanna meeting up for hot drinks at Christmas

Julia and Joanna meeting up for hot drinks at Christmas

We operate as a Registered Social Care Provider with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our support is person-centered and often offered to people whose personal history has been one where they have experienced difficulties in getting the correct support they need to live well in the community.

The adults we support have learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Conditions or Mental Ill Health, and sometimes more than one of these conditions, or additional complex needs.

We specialise in Positive Behavioral Support and you can read about this further by clicking here.

Some of the people we support have had a history of offending and may have been in-patients in hospital wards, Assessment and Treatment Units and out of area placements. We are experienced in and dedicated to a community support model.

We support a number of people across the region to live in their own house or flat, or with their family, with a staff team which meets their support needs and participate in the community.


As a CIC we are a Social Enterprise operating as a “not for profit” organisation. We have charitable objectives around helping disabled people live in the community and also creating employment in the local area. We aim to ensure our overheads are kept as low as possible so that the maximum amount of resource can be put into delivering great outcomes for the disabled.


How do we support?

Jayne enjoying a visit to the Zoo.

Jayne enjoying a visit to the Zoo.

The common theme around our services are that in each case the person is at the heart of our service. We believe that a service designed around an individual can successfully enable them to achieve their needs and wishes. The key to success is ensuring individuals are supported by people that they like, trust and can develop positive relationships with, and with whom they can enjoy shared interests and activities.

This means building a team of support staff who are responsive to an individual’s needs and can offer a range of opportunities and choices to make the most of community facilities and the natural support networks provided by family, etc.

We place the individual at the heart of decision-making and work hard to build dynamic partnerships with professionals already involved in an individual’s support.

Personalised Support

Most of our services involve the development of Supported Living.

Staff teams are matched at recruitment to meet individual needs, and wherever possible we involve service users, family and advocates in that process.

We do not directly provide housing but we work closely with a range of housing providers to help people get the home they need and want. A person may live alone, with relatives or other people of their choice.

Support may be offered for a variety of daily/weekly hours, but often on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. This will be tailored to individual needs and choices. We may directly provide all of this support and enable individuals to access activities of their choice during the week. We work in partnership with other organisations (e.g. work placements and community based centres).

We can also support the use assistive technology to promote people's independence and offer a less intrusive and more cost effective support experience.

Craig's favorite time of year. His Turkish holiday.

Craig's favorite time of year. His Turkish holiday.

Quality Management Input

Support is managed by a Team Manager and they are responsible for ensuring support is working well, delivering the outcomes each person wants to achieve and organising the team.

Senior Managers are there to offer additional input to ensure proactive and consistent support. In our experience this has increased the levels of success for those supported.

We have Managers on-call 24 hours a day to back staff up in their caring role.

Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team