At Positive Support For You CIC we believe that everyone we support should get great quality services from us.

We think Quality Services are ones which:

  • Treat each person we support as an individual, with support which meets their needs, wishes, choices and any risks
  •  Enables each person have a great quality of life, including the safe access and opportunity they want with their own Community
  • Can meet complex presentations and work with the person we support, their family and with any other professionals are involved in care.

We believe strongly that getting feedback from everyone we support, their families and our staff and professional colleagues is an important part of making sure we are achieving quality outcomes.

We believe strongly that getting feedback from everyone we support, their family and with professionals involved in their care.

Our Operations Director undertakes person centred reviews with each person and others involved in their wider support to monitor quality.

Our Senior Managers undertake regular Quality Audits of the care and support each person gets.

Our Senior Managers meet weekly to ensure any  issues are reviewed and addressed.

All our services have access to extensive and experienced out of hours on call management arrangements so there is always advice and support available to the people we support and our staff.

We conduct surveys of customer satisfaction with the people we support , see the latest on this link.

We survey staff too  a link to our most recent findings is here

We have recently introduced new staff appraisal methods which enable direct feedback from the people we support about what they think about their service and the life outcomes they are achieving.

Although not everyone we support receives  personal care services we are a Registered Provider Number

1-1188507803 with the Care Quality Commission.

We welcomed the Care Quality Commission Inspection of 17th June 2016 which rated us as “Good” in all areas. We are not complacent and still seek to further improve on  this rating. Read our Inspection report on this Link.

We started to publish an Annual Report in  March 2018 – there is a link to it here

Our Company has been signed up to the Driving Up Quality Code since 2014, and we conduct a self – assessment process every year. The code is at the head of this page if you are interested.

Links to our Most Recent Driving Up Quality Self Assessments are Below;

We are about to undertake our 2018 Driving Up Quality Self Assessment – if you are involved in our work and interested in participating please contact us!

We also like to hear when we have done things well , but we acknowledge that sometimes things may not be as good as people expect. If this happens we want to learn from this and apologise. If you want to complain there is a link to our Complaints Form here.

If you want to discuss the quality of our services or have any query please contact CEO@psforyou.org

Our Company signed up to the Code in 2014 and we conduct active self – assessments every year and share our findings.


We are holding our next Stakeholder day on Friday 26th October 2018.Click here for more info.

Our 2016 findings

Click here to see our 2018 self assessment plan

Ensuring Quality Outcomes