Staff Satisfaction Survey

We are sending this survey to all our staff and i hope that you will find a couple of minutes to complete it. The results will help us see if we have any problem areas and perhaps better support everyone in their work with us. Thank you for taking the time .

Dave Barras- Chief Executive

I feel that I am having a positive impact on the life of the person or people I support. *
I feel well supported in my work role *
I feel clients are supported to achieve their goals and outcomes *
When I have difficulties at work I know where to get support and help *
I have a good working relationship with my line manager. *
I find the stress levels at work manageable
I feel confident in discussing stress related issues with my employer *
I feel confident that I am trained effectively to fulfil my work role *
I am confident that if I had a Safeguarding concern at work I would know what to do *